Krispy Kremes – A Taste of Home in South Korea


I can’t ground this blog in a beautiful verse of Scripture or even offer some deep theological wisdom…

but I can tell you that the words “Krispy Kremes” or sight of the flashing HOT sign can make the men in my family cry.

Well, maybe not cry…but they do wipe the drool from the corners of their chins. Randy even mentions something about angels singing…

Personally, I like them hot, but I have difficulty getting past that they are 5 Weight Watcher PPVs each…and who can eat just one, I ask you!!!

Justin, my son who is living and serving in Busan, South Korea, texted me these pictures last night.   A Krispy Kreme opened very close to his and Chelsea’s apartment yesterday. He and his dad are already planning their tasty trips when we visit them in December.


Krispy Kremes are a big deal for the Hartzell men…and this makes me smile.

How many memories were made  over  the gallons of milk and dozens of Krispy Kremes devoured by Randy, Justin and Josh?  Justin and his  seminary buddies tell stories of their late night Krispy Kreme runs.

For crying out loud, we are talking about a fried piece of bread dough covered in a sugar glaze…simple pleasures…

However, for Justin who is very far way…the simple pleasure of a Krispy Kreme donut is a reminder of home and his childhood, and that means everything to his mom.  I smile thinking about my princess Hadasah, Justin’s little girl, growing up with Krispy Kremes like her daddy.

Are they the healthiest choice? NO, but I have a difficult time conjuring up warm fuzzy childhood memories about raw carrot sticks and broccoli florets…Don’t’ you?

Do you have any childhood memories that center around a food your family enjoyed together?

I would love to hear about them…

Krispy Kreme memories…oh how they linger… (especially on the hips and thighs…)

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2 thoughts on “Krispy Kremes – A Taste of Home in South Korea

  1. Andrea Wright Kracht October 29, 2013 at 12:53 pm Reply

    Every time I eat a Little Debbie’s brownie with nuts it takes me right back to sitting in my Mamaw’s little white house playing cards with her. The first bite brings back so many memories of my sweet great-grandmother. She called my mother every single day and wanted to see what I was doing since the day I was born until the day she couldn’t call any longer. She kept a journal and wrote in it every day and what is so precious is on any given day she wrote…”Called Karen and Andrea was doing….” I was her world and she was mine. I saw her every day and played “Go Fish” with her while enjoying a Brownie! What a blessing she was to our family! I am enjoying your blog esp. this morning!

    • Berta October 30, 2013 at 4:14 am Reply

      Oh Andrea, what precious memories! You were blessed to have a relationship with your great-grandmother. Little Debbie cakes are a childhood staple for generations of kids. Perfect! Thank you for sharing!

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