The Whatevers…

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Seeking Jesus in the “whatevers”…

This Holly Rhodes print hangs in my lime green kitchen, and it serves as a cheerful  daily reminder of the  Philippians 4:8 lifestyle. The print cuts to the bones of this verse. It removes the whatevers…

Sometimes we get lost in the “whatevers…”

We become tangled in the immediate-ness of life’s messes and the day-to-day struggles. Whatever’s the most current political mess, whatever’s the newest fad, whatever’s the freshest heart wound, whatever’s the next activity that is screaming in my face for immediate attention…

Life is full of whatevers…Most are distractions…and they separate us from the daily presence of the only One who brings sense to our chaotic lives.

The Philippians 4:8 “whatevers” lead us to what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. These whatevers lead us to Jesus…

What are your “whatevers” today?

Refocus…shift gears…

Today, let’s be deliberate and seek truth…

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